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Forum Rules

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Forum Rules

1. Global Forum Rules
1.1. No flaming or intentional abuse.
1.2. No purposefully derailing topics
- This means please remain on topic!
1.3. No purposely necro-bumping super old threads, unless you're adding content to the topic
1.4. Do not backseat moderate
- Backseat moderating is the act of moderating without said powers (e.g. mods lock this thread, mods delete this post) - much like backseat driving
1.5. When quoting a post with an image, please remove the image in the quoted section.
1.6. Use descriptive thread titles
1.7. No ban evading
- Ban evasion is purposefully creating a new account after being banned, for the purpose of avoiding said ban.
1.8. Do not spam
1.9. Individual sub-forum's rules threads (if they exist) may override any/all of the rules contained herein.
1.10. One word posts, or no-content posts are disallowed. This includes just quoting a post. (unless that is the point of the thread)
1.11. Shocking content, misleading content, and gore are all disallowed (misleading meaning stuff like links to screamers or whatever else)
1.12. When linking something, ensure you provide a short description of what the link leads to
1.13. Avoid double-posting unnecessarily
1.14. Do not discuss Warez / other illegal activities
1.15. Registering under fake/temporary email addresses is not permitted.
1.16. Any advertisement / marketing must go into the Advertisement section - or else risk a ban.

If a user is found in breach of any of said rules, they may receive an informal/formal warning, moderator-approved posting, temporary or permanent ban; depending upon the severity of the offence.
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Re: Forum Rules

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